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United Symphony, The

The United Symphony - Educational Music - Orchestral Families - Meet the Orchestra - LeDor Group

First Performance: $300

Each Performance Thereafter: $175

The United Symphony

Composer: Lucas Richman

Orchestration: 3333-4331-timp+4, pno, hp and str

Duration: 20:00


This work is conceived as a demonstration piece for each instrument in the orchestra and their respective families. Played in order, the movements lead to The United Symphony Finale, which combines all the forces together for an exciting finish. Each movement of The United Symphony may also be performed separately.

  1. The United Symphony Round
  2. Toccata for Percussion
  3. Hornpipe for Brass
  4. Arabesque for Woodwinds
  5. Scherzo for Strings
  6. Dialogue for Piano, Harp and Orchestra
  7. The United Symphony Finale

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