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Tag: Young People’s Concerts

Title Composer Orchestration Length
Take Me Out to the Ball Game Medium Voice, 3222-4331, timp+2, hp, str 1:30
If You're Happy and You Know It Medium Voice, 3222-4331, timp+3, pno, str 3:00
Playground Escapades Lucas Richman 3333-4331, timp+3, hp, str 3:00
Scenes of Youth Lucas Richman 1121-1200, hp, pno, str (optional cl.2, tpts, hp) 9:30
I’ve Been Working on the Railroad Arr. Richman Medium Voice, 3222-4231-timp+2, pno, str 3:00
De Colores Arr. Richman Medium Voice, 2222-2200, str 3:00
Child at Play Lucas Richman 2222-2210-pno, str 4:00
Brahms' Lullaby Brahms 2 Solo Celli, 2222-2000, hp, str 3:00
The Birthday Present Lucas Richman Soprano, 2222-4231-timp+2, hp, str 4:00
Be a Conductor Lucas Richman 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, str 3:00
Be a Composer Lucas Richman 3222-4331-timp+2, hp, str 8:00