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Tag: Chamber

Title Composer Orchestration Length
Overture for MLK: The 8th of August W. Mark Harrell 2222-2220, timp, str 8:00
Heritage of Heaven Robert Strassburg String Orchestra 12:00
Rousing Rip Van Winkle Conni Ellisor String Orchestra 5:00
Marimba Concerto Conni Ellisor Solo Marimba, 3 perc, strings 15:00
Air for the Dutchess Conni Ellisor String Orchestra 5:00
Fort of Shadows Conni Ellisor 2121-2221, timp, perc, strings 5:00
Whiskey Before Breakfast: Partita for Orchestra and Bluegrass Band Conni Ellisor Bluegrass Band, 1111-0100, str 26:00
Tres Danzas de Vida Conni Ellisor String Orchestra 11:30
Blackberry Winter Conni Ellisor Solo Mountain Dulcimer and String Orchestra 16:55
Wind From The Mountain Conni Ellisor 0000-2422, euphonium, timp, percussion 19:00
Sea Without a Shore Conni Ellisor Marimba, Five Percussion, 2111-2100, strings 25:00
Rhapsody for Viola Conni Ellisor Solo viola, 1111-0100, perc, strings 9:46