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Symphonic Ode: A Child of the Holocaust

Symphonic Ode - A Child of the Holocaust - Jewish Music - Orchestra - LeDor Group

First Performance: $225

Each Performance Thereafter: $150

Symphonic Ode: A Child of the Holocaust

Composer: Lucas Richman

Orchestration: 3332-4331-timp+3, hp, str

Length: 13:00


A chilling montage of characters and events from the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of a child.

Program Notes: Written for the YMF Debut Orchestra (Los Angeles), “Symphonic Ode” reflects upon a time in history when “civilized” men perpetrated one of the most devastatingly calculated attacks on humanity. While not programmatic in the chronological sense, the piece combines contrasting images in a musical collage, partially by the incorporation of themes that are associated with the period, i.e., the German “Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles” and the Hebrew “Ani Ma’amin.” The work opens with a quiet intensity that suggests the political turmoil which accompanied the formation of Germany’s Third Reich. A theme representative of the innocent child is alternated with antagonistic declarations instigated by the principal trumpet (a transcribed speech of Adolf Hitler’s), creating a musical conflict that erupts later in the piece when both forces are pitted against each other. With its ending drifting into emotional ambiguity, the piece is a reminder that the past is as much of the future as we allow it to be…and, should we choose to forget the past, it will most assuredly become our future.

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