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Sea Without a Shore

First Performance: $400

Each Performance Thereafter: $250

Sea Without a Shore

Composer: Conni Ellisor

Orchestration: Marimba, Five Percussion, 2111-2100, strings

Length: 25:00

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“Sea Without a Shore evokes infinite vastness reaching in all directions toward horizons that move when we move. The sea is an ancient emblem for limitless potential; it may be seen as a symbol for was Buddhists call emptiness.  And this composition opens with a stretch of total silence within which gradually is heard the growing, whirring vibration of a bronze Tibetan prayer bowl. Other sounds slowly emerge – thuds and crackles and gongs – and then strings and winds and a trumpet organize into the texture growing out of a melodic figure as simple as Bach theme for “The Art of Fugue.” Within emptiness, substance organizes and permutes and complexifies and crescendos before snapping again into emptiness.

… On first listen, it sounded very much  like a masterpiece.”

Marcel Smith, The Nashville Scene

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