Title Composer Orchestration Length
Ah! May the Red Rose Live Alway Stephen Foster Tenor, 2222-2000, hp, str 5:00
Al Naharot Baveil Lucas Richman Soprano, Chorus, 2222-2220-timp+2, pno, hp, str 5:00
Alles Neue/Where Do You Feel Your Soul? Lucas Richman Tenor, Men’s Chorus, 2222-2000, timp+2, hp, str 5:00
American Fanfare Lucas Richman 2222-2321-timp+2, str 3:15
The Angels Lucas Richman Baritone Solo, SATB Chorus, Children’s Chorus, 2222-4000, 1 perc, hp, str 3:00
l’Anniversario Lucas Richman 2222-2210-timp, str 6:00
Arabesque for Woodwinds (from The United Symphony) Lucas Richman 3333-0000 2:00
Aria Lucas Richman 2222-2200, str 3:00
Arise Triumphant, O Blessed Muse Lucas Richman Mezzo-Soprano, Chorus, 3232-4331-timp+4, hp, pno, str 18:00
Auld Lang Syne Arr. Lucas Richman Chorus, 3232-4331-timp+2, hp, pno, bagpipes (optional), str 1:00
Barcarolle Lucas Richman 2122-2000-hp, str 6:00
Be a Composer Lucas Richman 3222-4331-timp+2, hp, str 8:00
Be a Conductor Lucas Richman 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, str 3:00
Beautiful Dreamer Stephen Foster Soprano, 2222-2210, hp, str 3:00
Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant Lucas Richman Narrator, 3333-4331-timp+2, hp, pno, str 29:00
The Birthday Present Lucas Richman Soprano, 2222-4231-timp+2, hp, str 4:00
Blow the Man Down Arr. Richman Baritone, 3222-2221-timp+2, hp, str 5:00
Boar's Head Carol W. Mark Harrell Baritone/Santa, SATB Chorus, 4 (or 8) Herald Trumpets 2:00
Brahms' Lullaby Brahms 2 Solo Celli, 2222-2000, hp, str 3:00
Canzone e Sonate Giovanni Gabrieli 0000-5441 7:00
The Caregiver Lucas Richman 2222-2210-timp+1, str 5:30
Child at Play Lucas Richman 2222-2210-pno, str 4:00
Christmas is Coming! Lucas Richman Children’s Chorus, 2222-2221-timp+2, hp, str 3:00
Christmas Sing-Along Arr. Richman Chorus, 3222-4331-timp+2, str 10:00
A Clear Story I Let Relive Lucas Richman 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, str 6:00
Colonial Liberty Overture Lucas Richman 3222-4331-timp+2, hp, str 6:00
Concerto for Bass Clarinet Lucas Richman Solo Bass Clarinet, 2 percussion, piano, strings 17:30
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra: The Clearing Lucas Richman Solo Oboe, 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, str 17:00
Concerto for Percussion: The Healer Lucas Richman Solo Percussion, 3222-4231-timp+2, str 24:00
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth Lucas Richman Solo Piano, 3332-4331-tmp+3, str 28:00
Coventry Carol Arr. Richman SATB Chorus, hp, strings 3:00
Daddy Lucas Richman Solo Voice, 2111-2210-timp, drum set, str 9:00
O, Danny Boy Tenor or Solo Piano, 2232-4131-timp+2, pno, hp, gtr, str 3:30
Day Is Done Lucas Richman Soprano, Children's Chorus, 2322-2220-timp+2, hp, pno/cel, str 6:30
Dialogue for Piano, Harp and Orchestra (from The United Symphony) Lucas Richman 3222-4331-timp+2, str 2:00
Ding, Dong Merrily on High SATB Chorus, 2222-2221-timp+2, pno, hp, str 1:30
Dodi Li Lucas Richman Soprano, Chorus SSA, 2020-2000, hp, str 3:00
An English Christmas Arr: W. Mark Harrell Optional Chorus, 3222-4331-timp+2, str 6:00
Fantasy for Orchestra Lucas Richman 2222-2221-timp+1, hp, str 12:00
The Flying Cat Lucas Richman Mezzo-Soprano, 3222-4231-timp+2, pno, hp, str 3:00
Forest Scene Lucas Richman 2222-2200-timp, str 5:30
Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping?) Arr. Richman Medium Voice, 3222-4331, timp+2, str 1:00
Generations - An Oratorio Lucas Richman Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Chorus, 2222-2220-timp+2, pno, hp, str 47:00
God Who Blesses Us Lucas Richman Soprano, Tenor, Chorus, 2222-4231-timp+2, hp, str 11:00
Hanukah Fantasy Arr. J. Biegel Chorus, 2222-4231-timp+2, hp, str 7:00
Hanukkah Festival Overture Arr. Richman 3222-4331-timp+2, hp, str 6:00
Hanukkah Medley Soprano, 2222-2200-timp+2, hp, str 4:30
His Touch Jeffrey Biegel Medium Voice, 1112-2000-perc., pno, str 3:00
Ho! Ho! Ho! Lucas Richman Baritone, Chorus, 2222-2221-timp+2, hp, str 1:30
The Brentwood Rag Lucas Richman 2222-2210-perc, str 4:00
A Christmas Wish: A One-Act Musical Lucas Richman Adult and Child Actor/Singers, Ballet Dancers, Chorus, 2222-2221-timp+2, hp, str 55:00
Holiday Cheer Lucas Richman Three-part voices, 2222-3231-timp+2, pno, str 2:00
Home on the Range Arr. Richman Medium Voice, 2222-2200-str 2:00
The Homework Blues Lucas Richman Medium Voice, 2222-4331-timp+1, pno, str 3:00
Hornpipe for Brass (from The United Symphony) Lucas Richman 0000-4331 2:00
Humors Lucas Richman 2121-2220-perc 9:30
I Remember a Lullaby Lucas Richman Soloists: Soprano, Violin, Ballet Dancer, Two Actors, Children's Chorus, 2322-2220, timp+2, hp, pno/cel, str 12:00
A Streetcar Named Desire Lucas Richman 0010-0110, pno, bass, drums, string quartet 28:00
If You’ve Only Got a Moustache Stephen Foster Tenor, 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, str 2:00
Time Like an Ever Flowing Stream W. Mark Harrell 2222-4231-timp, str 12:00
In The Day When I Cried Out (Cantata) Lucas Richman Solo Vocal Quartet, Gospel Choir, 2222-4231-timp+2, pno, hp, str 15:00
Interlude No. 1 (from Generations) Lucas Richman 2222-2220, timp+2, hp, str 3:00
Interlude No. 2 (from Generations) Lucas Richman 2222-2220, timp+2, hp, str 3:00
Isaeum Lucas Richman 3322-4231-timp+2, hp, str 5:00
I’ve Been Working on the Railroad Arr. Richman Medium Voice, 3222-4231-timp+2, pno, str 3:00
Ivesian America Charles Ives 3222-4231-3 perc 2:00
Jalopy and Blues (Salutation No. 2) Lucas Richman 2121-2200-timp, pno, str 4:15
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair Stephen Foster Tenor, 2222-1000, hp, str 3:00
Jewish Cemetery at Newport/Kaddish Prayer, The (from Generations) Lucas Richman Baritone, Chorus, 2222-2220-timp+2, hp, str 4:00
Jubilance Erhu, 2102-2000-2 perc, str 3:00
Kentucky Derby Ferde Grofe 3332-4331-timp+3, hp, cel, str 6:30
Reindeer Variations Lucas Richman 2222-2221-timp+2, hp, str 8:30
The Kisses of a Pearl Lucas Richman Tenor, 2222-4220-timp+1, hp, str 13:00
The Rock’s Shadow (from Shades of the Jebel) Lucas Richman Solo Piano, str 3:00
Three Yiddish Songs Lucas Richman Baritone, 2111-2110-timp, hp, str 9:30
Through the Azure Ether Lucas Richman 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, str 7:30
Kol Nidre - String Orchestra Lucas Richman String orchestra 5:30
Sakura Soprano, 2222-2200-timp+2, hp, pno, str 3:00
A Time for Heroes Lucas Richman 3222-4331-timp+3, pno, str 6:00
L’Dor Vador (from Generations) Lucas Richman Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Chorus, 2222-2220-timp+2, pno, hp, str 6:00
Salutations Lucas Richman 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, pno, str 43:45
Toccata for Percussion (from The United Symphony) Lucas Richman Timp+4 3:00
Twelve Days of Christmas Chorus, 3222-4331-timp+2, str 4:30
Scenes of Youth Lucas Richman 1121-1200, hp, pno, str (optional cl.2, tpts, hp) 9:30
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Medium Voice, 2222-2000, hp, str 3:00
Scherzo for Strings Lucas Richman String orchestra 3:00
London Echoes Lucas Richman 2222-2210-timp+1, str 4:00
Lullaby Lucas Richman 1111-1110-timp, hp, pno, str 3:00
Sephardic Suite Arr. Lucas Richman Piano and string orchestra 11:00
The Magnificent Ten Lucas Richman 1111-1000, hp, pno, str 1:30
Seven Circles of Life Lucas Richman Soprano, Narrator, Solo Cello, Chorus, 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, str 35:00
Mary Had a Little Lamb Contrasts Soprano, 2222-2210, pno, str 3:00
Shalom Becha Nishba’ati (from Generations) Lucas Richman Soprano, Solo Cello, 2222-2000, timp+1, hp, str 5:00
Morning in Miao Ling Chen Gang Solo Violin, 3222-2200-2 perc., hp, cel, str 3:00
Move On Lucas Richman Solo Oboe, Strings 11:00
Sheva B’Rachot Lucas Richman Tenor or Soprano, Clarinet, hp, str 7:00
Music Can Make Your Life Complete Lucas Richman Mezzo-soprano, 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, str 5:00
Sing a Song of Harmony Lucas Richman Medium Voice, Children’s Chorus, 3222-4331-timp+2, hp, pno, str 3:00
Smoky Mountain Springtime (Salutation No.4) Lucas Richman 2121-2210, str 4:30
The Star-Spangled Banner Arr. Richman 2222-4331-timp+2, hp, pno, str 1:00
Stephen Foster Medley Stephen Foster Soprano and/or Tenor, 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, str 9:00
Music Makes Me… Lucas Richman Soprano, Children’s Chorus, 2222-3100-timp+1, pno, str 5:00
Stephen Foster Song Suite Stephen Foster Tenor, Soprano, 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, str 26:30
Stephen Foster Songs Lucas Richman Tenor, Soprano, 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, str 12:00
My Country ‘Tis of Thee Arr. Richman Mezzo-Soprano, 2222-4331-timp+2, pno, hp, str 2:00
Sumer Is Icumen In Arr. Richman Three-part voices, 2222-0020-2 perc, hp, str 1:00
O Filie Israhel Hildegard von Bingen String Orchestra 8:30
O Holy Night Arr. Richman Medium Voice, 3222-4331-timp+1, pno, str 3:00
An Overture to Blanche Lucas Richman 2222, tenor sax-2221-timp+2, pno, str 9:00
Paul Revere’s Ride E.T. Paull 2222-3221-timp+2, str 3:00
Playground Escapades Lucas Richman 3333-4331, timp+3, hp, str 3:00
Prayer Shawl From Jerusalem, A (from Generations) Lucas Richman Tenor, Baritone, 2222-2200-timp+2, hp, str 16:00
Presents from Santa Lucas Richman Baritone, 2222-2221-timp+2, hp, str 3:00
The Quarterback (Salutation No. 10) Lucas Richman 2222-2210-timp+1, str 5:00
Voice of My Beloved Max Helfman Soprano, 2222-2200-timp+1, hp, str 5:30
Wake Me a Song Lucas Richman Chorus, 3333-4331-timp+3, pno, hp, str 9:00
Was My Brother in the Battle?/For the Dear Old Flag Stephen Foster Tenor, Soprano, 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, str 6:30
We Are Thy Children Lucas Richman Chorus SSA, 2222-2220-timp+1, hp, str 3:00
Summer Excursions Lucas Richman 2222-4230, timp, str 9:30
We Share a Bond Lucas Richman Chorus SSAA, 2232-3311-timp+1, pno-elec., bass, str 5:00
Symphonic Ode: A Child of the Holocaust Lucas Richman 3332-4331-timp+3, hp, str 13:00
Wedding March (from Lohengrin) Wagner 2222-4231-timp+1, hp, str 2:00
Take a Ride with Santa Lucas Richman Child Alto, 2222-2221-timp+2, hp, str 4:00
A Western Fanfare Lucas Richman 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, str 3:00
Tarare Overture Antonio Salieri 2222-2200-timp+2, str 3:00
Wilt Thou Be Gone, Love? Stephen Foster Tenor, Soprano, 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, str 4:3
Thanksgiving Hymn Lucas Richman Soprano, Baritone, Chorus, 2222-2221-timp+2, hp, str 3:00
The Wishing Tree Paul Schoop Narrator, 2111-1100-timp+2, pno, str 16:00
There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea Stephen Foster Soprano, 2222-2000-perc, str 2:30
Woodlands Music George Casselberry 2222-2210-perc, str, optional harmonica 3:00
Three Pieces for Cello and Orchestra Lucas Richman Solo Cello, 2222-2200-timp+1, hp, str 17:30
The United Symphony Lucas Richman 3333-4331-timp+4, pno, hp and str 20:00
United Symphony Finale, The (from The United Symphony) Lucas Richman 3333-4331-timp+4, str 2:00
United Symphony Round, The (from The United Symphony) Lucas Richman Three-part voices, 3333-4331-timp+4, pno, hp, str 2:00
Variations at the Barre Lucas Richman 2222-4331-timp+1, hp, pno, str 6:00
Variations for Zapped Taps and Orchestra Lucas Richman 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, pno, str, tap dancer 6:30
Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant - Chamber Orchestra Lucas Richman Narrator, 1111-1111-perc, pno, str 29:00
Beautiful Dreamer: Stephen Foster's America Stephen Foster Baritone, Chorus, 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, str 13:15
Elegy: Kever Avot Lucas Richman 2223-4331-timp+2, hp and str 5:30
Move On: Concerto for Oboe and Strings Lucas Richman Oboe and Strings 10:30
Until the Circle is Unbroken Lucas Richman 2222-4231-timp+2, hp, str 9:00
The Stainless Banner March W. Mark Harrell Optional Chorus, 2222-4331-timp+3, str 5:00
Rocket Sleigh Delvyn Case 3222-4331-timp+2, str 4:00
Zingaro: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra Garry Schyman Solo Viola, 0020-0000-timp+3, hp, str 18:00
Conversations in Silence Conni Ellisor String Orchestra 12:00
Women of Valor Andrea Clearfield Narrator, Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, 2232-4321, 4 Perc, Pno/Celesta, Harp, Strings 60:00
No Place To Get To Conni Ellisor Strings, English Horn, Guitar 10:42
Nuages de la Nuit Conni Ellisor Violin, Bass, 2 Guitars, String Orchestra 22:10
Rhapsody for Viola Conni Ellisor Solo viola, 1111-0100, perc, strings 9:46
Sea Without a Shore Conni Ellisor Marimba, Five Percussion, 2111-2100, strings 25:00
Wind From The Mountain Conni Ellisor 0000-2422, euphonium, timp, percussion 19:00
Broad Bands of Light Conni Ellisor Solo Dulcimer, 2211-2110, timp, perc, str 22:00
Blackberry Winter Conni Ellisor Solo Mountain Dulcimer and String Orchestra 16:55
Diaspora Conni Ellisor 3332-4331, Timp+3, pno, str 15:00
The Dream I Share Lucas Richman 3 female soloists, women's chorus, 3222-4231, timp+1, pno, str 20:00
The Bell Witch Dances Conni Ellisor 3231-4431, timp, perc, str 6:00
Tres Danzas de Vida Conni Ellisor String Orchestra 11:30
Whiskey Before Breakfast: Partita for Orchestra and Bluegrass Band Conni Ellisor Bluegrass Band, 1111-0100, str 26:00
Fort of Shadows Conni Ellisor 2121-2221, timp, perc, strings 5:00
Air for the Dutchess Conni Ellisor String Orchestra 5:00
Marimba Concerto Conni Ellisor Solo Marimba, 3 perc, strings 15:00
Rousing Rip Van Winkle Conni Ellisor String Orchestra 5:00
Heritage of Heaven Robert Strassburg String Orchestra 12:00
Leaves of Grass: A Choral Symphony Robert Strassburg Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Narrator, Chorus, 2222-4331, timp+3, pno, str 50:00
Intermezzo from The Stainless Banner W. Mark Harrell 2322-4331, timp+2, str 5:50
Overture for MLK: The 8th of August W. Mark Harrell 2222-2220, timp, str 8:00
Orange Blossom Special W. Mark Harrell 2222-2210, timp+3, str 2:30
Radio Meets the Classics Several Actors, 3332-4331, timp+3, pno, hp, str 18:00
Take Me Out to the Ball Game Medium Voice, 3222-4331, timp+2, hp, str 1:30
The August Wilson Symphony Kathryn Bostic 2222-2231, timp+3, pno, gtr, hp, str 25:00
Golden State of Mind Ron Ramin 2222-4331-timp+3, hp, str 16:30
Her Light Lucas Richman 3222-4231, timp, str 6:00
Hanukkah Festival Overture for Band Arr. Richman 3242 - 2 Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax - 3441, Timp, Mallets, Perc, Hp 6:00