Variations for Clarinet and Cello


Orchestra Size: String Nonet 

Length: 29.95

Composer: Lucas Richman




Variations for Clarinet and Cello | Chamber Music Series | LeDor Group, Inc

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Variations for Clarinet and Cello

Composer: Lucas Richman

Instrumentation: Clarinet and Cello

Length: 7:00


I wrote the Variations for Clarinet and Cello for the renowned Klezmer clarinetist, Giora Feidman and cellist, David Low, who served as Artistic Director of the Brandeis-Bardin Institute for a number of years. The Institute is an organization that specializes in providing Jewish programs for all ages year-round, from week-long, elder-hostel programs with visiting lecturers, to two-month-long sessions for college-age students in which the participants are introduced to all aspects of Jewish life.

In 1989, David invited Mr. Feidman to perform at the Institute, as well as to give master classes for the instrumental students. As I became familiar with the unique spirituality that was the basis of Mr. Feidman’s musical expression, I was inspired to write a work for him. The result was the Variations for Clarinet and Cello.

Typically, composers will write variations on a theme that inspires development but, in this case, the variations are actually written around the seven letters in Mr. Feidman’s last name. The seven notes are introduced by the cello near the beginning of the work and then they develop into a theme. Each subsequent variation takes the same course, introducing the seven notes and then growing into a new melodic or atmospheric rendering. The final variation is truly in the style of traditional klezmer music which comes to a climax before the opening variation is heard in a reprise.

The work was premiered in 1989 at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute by Mr. Feidman and David Low, and has received multiple subsequent performances since then throughout the world.

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