Dachau Lied – Choral Score




Dachau Lied - Survivor from Warsaw - Men’s Chorus - Orchestra - LeDor Group

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Dachau Lied - Choral Scores

Orchestration: Men's Chorus

Length: 9:00

Composer: Lucas Richman


Dachau Lied was commissioned by the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony to serve as a companion piece to Arnold Schoenberg’s Survivor From Warsaw.  Utilizing the same orchestration as the Schoenberg work, Dachau Lied begins where the Schoenberg ends, borrowing a melodic fragment that soon leads into a setting of Herbert Zipper and Jura Soyfer’s ironic work-rallying song.  Blasts of fluttering trumpets and stilted cabaret rhythmic figures support the stark nature of the Weill-like melody, as the narrator recounts in English the story told in German by the male choir.  Dachau Lied received its world premiere in April, 1998, with radio talk show host, Dennis Prager, serving as the narrator and Noreen Green leading the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony.

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