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Arise Triumphant, O Blessed Muse - Chorus - Orchestra - New Music - LeDor Group

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Arise Triumphant, O Blessed Muse - Choral Scores

Orchestra Size: Mezzo-Soprano, Chorus, 3232-4331-timp+4, hp, pno, str

Length: 18:00

Composer: Lucas Richman

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Arise Triumphant, O Blessed Muse! was written for the 2005 opening concerts of the newly renovated Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, TN. I began thinking about the history of the theatre itself and the parallels that are traditionally drawn between the lives of people and the life of a theatre.  The processes of birth, aging, rehabilitation and the cultivation of soul and spirit are regularly attributed to the cultural venues people inhabit—a sort of macrocosm surrounding and reflecting the microcosm.  Some theatres age gracefully, needing a little help here and there along the way, while others fall to the wayside as a result of neglect and disinterest.

Arise Triumphant, O Blessed Muse!, therefore, draws the parallel between the human spirit  and the spirit of a theatre.  The work is conceived in five continuous parts, beginning with an instrumental introduction.  In Part II, the chorus and mezzo-soprano soloist celebrate the music that brings the vessel to life until Part III when apathy and disinterest topple the building’s infrastructure.  Part IV has the mezzo-soprano sing of hope and inspiration, two ingredients of creative expression, that bring the pieces back together and set the stage for the rebirth of the vessel.  Part V is, once again, a celebration of musical vibration declaimed with the promise of a more lasting presence.

Arise Triumphant, O Blessed Muse! received its world premiere on January 27, 2005, with Frederica von Stade, the Knoxville Choral Society and the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra conducted by the composer.

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