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Young Peoples Concerts


This category of compositions is dedicated to music for the Holiday season! From Christmas to Hanukkah, we offer many variations of compositions for orchestras and choirs from small to large. Please take a moment to look around our Holiday collection and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have. Happy Holidays!

Title Composer Orchestration Length
Summer Excursions Lucas Richman 2222-4230, timp, str 9:30
Take Me Out to the Ball Game Medium Voice, 3222-4331, timp+2, hp, str 1:30
Toccata for Percussion (from The United Symphony) Lucas Richman Timp+4 3:00
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Medium Voice, 2222-2000, hp, str 3:00
United Symphony Finale, The (from The United Symphony) Lucas Richman 3333-4331-timp+4, str 2:00
United Symphony Round, The (from The United Symphony) Lucas Richman Three-part voices, 3333-4331-timp+4, pno, hp, str 2:00
The United Symphony Lucas Richman 3333-4331-timp+4, pno, hp and str 20:00
Variations at the Barre Lucas Richman 2222-4331-timp+1, hp, pno, str 6:00
Variations for Zapped Taps and Orchestra Lucas Richman 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, pno, str, tap dancer 6:30
The Wishing Tree Paul Schoop Narrator, 2111-1100-timp+2, pno, str 16:00