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Americana and 4th of July


This category of compositions is dedicated to music for the Holiday season! From Christmas to Hanukkah, we offer many variations of compositions for orchestras and choirs from small to large. Please take a moment to look around our Holiday collection and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have. Happy Holidays!

Title Composer Orchestration Length
Stephen Foster Songs Lucas Richman Tenor, Soprano, 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, str 12:00
A Streetcar Named Desire Lucas Richman 0010-0110, pno, bass, drums, string quartet 28:00
Summer Excursions Lucas Richman 2222-4230, timp, str 9:30
There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea Stephen Foster Soprano, 2222-2000-perc, str 2:30
A Time for Heroes Lucas Richman 3222-4331-timp+3, pno, str 6:00
Time Like an Ever Flowing Stream W. Mark Harrell 2222-4231-timp, str 12:00
Until the Circle is Unbroken Lucas Richman 2222-4231-timp+2, hp, str 9:00
Was My Brother in the Battle?/For the Dear Old Flag Stephen Foster Tenor, Soprano, 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, str 6:30
A Western Fanfare Lucas Richman 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, str 3:00
Whiskey Before Breakfast: Partita for Orchestra and Bluegrass Band Conni Ellisor Bluegrass Band, 1111-0100, str 26:00
Wilt Thou Be Gone, Love? Stephen Foster Tenor, Soprano, 2222-2210-timp+1, hp, str 4:3
Wind From The Mountain Conni Ellisor 0000-2422, euphonium, timp, percussion 19:00
Woodlands Music George Casselberry 2222-2210-perc, str, optional harmonica 3:00